Carol Elkind | Founder

Carol Elkind is a mother, educator, and supporter of poetry that bears witness to injustice and provokes social change. In 1988, she founded Crossing Limits, a literary organization supporting poetry and solidarity amongst varying faith traditions. Her desire to bridge spirituality and community, lead her to anchor the development of African American & American Jews: Poetry from Pittsburgh, a collection used as a curriculum source in both academic and community settings. In addition she continues to develop programming supporting marginalized voices and the use of poetry as a tool for change.  

Rashida James-Saadiya | Creative Director

Rashida James-Saadiya is a writer, cultural educator, and multidisciplinary artist invested in transforming social perceptions through creative literature. Her work explores identity through the lens of storytelling as a tool for healing and creative resistance within communities of color. In addition, she is the Arts & Culture editor for Sapelo Square a digital hub documenting the experience and legacy of Black Muslims in America. Her latest project,“Betraying the Spectacle," utilizes intimate photography and personal narratives to explore migration, spirituality and the transmission of cultural memory amongst Black America Muslim women.

Luqmon Abdus- Salaam | Project Lead

Luqmon Abdus-Salaam is a writer and performance artist with over 25 years as a community organizer and arts educator. He has presented within a multitude of educational environments including but not limited to public schools, universities and correctional facilities throughout the region of Pittsburgh on themes surrounding history, identity, and hip hop as a form of creative literature and self-expression highlighting political and social awareness.

Gerry Florida| Artist-in-Residence

Gerry Florida is an award-winning assemblage artist who refers to herself as a "Master of Imperfection”. Her creations deliver underlying messages of rebirth, recovery, and reclamation through an array of salvaged, recycled and contemporary materials that she employs in work. Her intrigue with the “beauty of imperfection” has led her to work on behalf of at-risk populations locally and nationally fostering the belief that integrating failures, accepting imperfections and embracing differences is the path to living in harmony with the imperfections surrounding us and to living in sync with the real world and the one we can create.