Our Calling

Crossing Limits is an interfaith literary organization  established in 1998 to promote solidarity amongst varying faith and cultural traditions. Our mission is centered upon celebrating and utilizing poetry as a sacred tool to nurture spiritual communities dedicated to unity and social justice. We believe poetry is both an instrument of beautification and agent for social change, highlighting the intersections of faith and social injustice. This literary framework provides a creative lens to explore and reshape public discourse surrounding difference. Integrating poetry of witness which celebrates humanity in both its fullness and complexity.

Why Poetry

The world is profoundly shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind. Poetry is a vehicle for individual expression, and a tool for honest dialogue through which we can promote deeper understanding and allyship in service towards a more just, equitable and compassionate society. Though our cultural traditions and spiritual practices may differ, the one thing we have in common is language.

Poetry has long been valued as a tool for both communication and cultural preservation. Poets unpack the transcendence of the human experience through their pens. They use poems to develop chains of loving resistance in honor of unity and mutual protection. Thus, poets create invaluable opportunities to learn and listen. Crossing Limits is committed to building platforms that enable American Jewish and Muslims poets to dismantle and speak out against perpetual stereotypes, social injustice, and religious divides. We believe in the power of words and the principle that human-to-human interaction can transform the world.

One Step Forward

Sharing personal narratives allows us to deepen our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the obstacles we must face together.  The narratives and images we absorb from news and popular culture often limit our perception and belief in the potential for ordinary citizens to shape a more peaceful and just world. We live in a time in which we have a collective duty to receive and broadcast love despite adversity. We desperately need spiritual activists who work collectively to create lasting change through a holistic framework built upon compassion and awareness. The path to such transformative change is through fully embracing the unique and powerful role each of us plays in the unfolding of unity, justice, and sustainable peace.


Peace is our gift to each other. Crossing Limits combines spiritual activism, arts, and cultural work, in alignment with multiple faith tenets that honor all human life as sacred. Our village is an intentional space for multi-faith, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and intergenerational community engagements which support individual and collective capacity to heal, love and transform.